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    The Best

    I'm surprised there are no reviews for this extraordinary product. The scent is divine and one of the nicest vanillas I've ever used. The benefits to your skin and the luxurious feeling are equally impressive. I'm addicted for sure and never want to run out!


    Worth Every Penny!

    This soap is amazing! You won't be sorry if you buy. It leaves your hands so very soft!! No drying out with this soap and with how often we have to wash our hands this is the soap you want to have. My hands have never been so soft! Smells amazing as well. I will definitely be trying other products as well. Next up will be shampoo!! Wonderful product!!


    Hand Sanitizer

    This hand sanitizer smells really good and leaves my hands feeling so soft and hydrated. It’s so convenient to carry everywhere I go and makes me feel better that the ingredients are natural! I would highly recommend!


    Hand Sanitizer

    This hand sanitizer is so amazing feels really soft for your hands doesn’t dry your skin it’s smells really good and leaves you very clean. I also love how convenient it’s is having it be sprayed instead of a tube. Highly recommend!


    Love the smell!

    Beautifully moisturizing and leaves an amazing smell! Favorite Bar soap so far!


    Peace of Mind in a Bottle

    Carrying this small bottle in my purse gives me peace of mind. I spray my hands, keys, phone, car door handle, the grocery cart handle, etc., etc. with this spray confident in the knowledge that it's keeping me germ free. I've even sprayed my face mask and enjoyed this lovely creamsicle scent while shopping. YUMMY!



    The smell is incredible!!

    Omg! The smell of this makes me want to eat my hands LOL it’s delicious. Like a Dreamsicle. Please consider making other body items with this scent, I would buy them all .


    Bar/scrub in one

    I really like how one side is smooth and the other side has the oats. I love how all of savvy’s bar soaps leave my skin feeling soft and moisturized. This one has a light scent to it but it leaves me feeling very clean and helps with my sensitive skin.



    The lavender one is nice but this orange vanilla is incredible! I will be buying more... just wish you had bigger sizes as well as the small, or maybe a refill size!😉 The smell reminds me of the 50/50 ice cream bars that are orange vanilla. I love love it!💕


    Great Body Cream!

    This is my favorite body cream of all time! I love the ingredients, the smell, and the feel. Leaves my skin nice and smooth. I highly recommend!


    Feels amazing, smells amazing

    I love this product! I decided to try it out when I saw it at sprouts. It is so amazing that I have purchased it twice more since then. My daughter loves it too, in fact she is cuddling with the bottle while breast-feeding right now. I kind of wish they had an adult size version of this because I would use it all the time. I only use it for myself occasionally because it’s so expensive, but I use it for my daughter every day.


    Another great!

    This and the vanilla are wonderful scents. I highly recommend these lotions. A little goes a long way! You would not be disappointed with these products the lotion leaves your body so soft and fresh for the entire day.💕


    No complaints

    This falls in place with all of Saavy Naturals products, absolutely wonderful! It has a soft baby aroma that is very gentle. A lot of natural baby products smell horrible to me but I can’t get enough of Saavy!



    This is great to buy If you want to get an idea of how wonderful each soap smells and feels!


    My #1

    This one surprised me for sure. I’m not usually not big on vanilla scented products, but I absolutely love this. I ordered the set with shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and a 5oz. Bar. Its wonderful! I would recommend this to anyone. It has a very creamy sweet smell and leaves your body feeling great!


    My husbands #1

    If you want a really nice scent for both sexes this one is wonderful. My husband likes it and I love how he smells after he showers with it!


    Love save!

    I really like all of Saavy products! The rose is a wonderful soft smell that leaves you feeling clean and moisturized.


    Feels like Tahiti

    Wow, can't decide which I love more the luscious smell of the sugar scrub or how fabulous my skin feels. Ok so its a tie. Awesome to use in the winter when its cold and rainy outside my entire bathroom smells like a tropical island and my skin has a beautiful glow.


    Gives Me Peace of MInd

    The uplifting scent is a big bonus (I have a sensitive nose) and the fact that it hydrates my skin (unlike most other hand sanitizers), however I use this product exclusively to ensure my hands & face mask stay germ free while I'm out in public places. I spray it on the grocery cart handle, the door knobs, car keys, car doors, etc., etc. I keep one in my car, one in my purse, one near the front door, and have given away several to my friends & family to help them to stay safe.


    Heaven in a Spray

    Living in Florida, I've used this spray as a refresher on our many hot humid days. It immediately soothes my senses and refreshes me. I carry it in my purse & car. LOVE it!